It is my pleasure to welcome our local and international delegates who will be gathered in Jamaica for the first International Conference on Human Trafficking to be convened in the Caribbean. Jamaica is proud to be the host of this conference that seeks to bring together stakeholders at the regional and international level to share experiences and best practices. The conference provides an opportunity to strengthen partnerships and to improve capacity development at the individual and institutional levels.

The theme of the Conference is ‘From Victim to Survivor: The Hard Road to Recovery.’ We have decided to make this a victim focused Conference because in addition to needing a whole of country approach to managing victims of crime in general, we also need to manage victims of Human Trafficking, in particular.

 Over the two days of conference several presentations will be made on a wide range of areas such as Child Trafficking, The Dark Web and Social Media, Gender Perspectives on Human Trafficking and Sustainable Partnerships.

As chair of the National Taskforce Against Trafficking in Persons (NATFATIP) I have particular interest in the recommendations that will come out of two days of Conference as these will hopefully help to shape the Forward Agenda for Jamaica’s Human Trafficking Campaign.

Jamaica has achieved much but we are Jamaicans and we have an affinity for raising the bar, exceeding expectations and shattering ceilings, including glass ceilings. The national effort against Trafficking in Persons requires no less.