REV. DR. MARGARET FOWLER is a native of Scotland, has lived and worked in Jamaica for over 27 years and she is currently the Chair of the NATFATIP Protection Sub-Committee. Rev. Fowler is presently Minister of the Hope United Church and is the Executive Director for the Theodora Foundation which is a non-profit organization attached to the Negril United Church, assisting young people and in skill training, securing educational opportunities and counselling.

Trained as a Social Worker, Rev. Fowler studied for ministry at the United Theological College of the West Indies (UTCWI), graduating in 1993 and receiving her Doctor of Ministry degree in 2009.  She was awarded two academic prizes for her study titled, “Human Trafficking, a Modern Day Challenge for the Church.”

Dr. Fowler continues to carry out research into issues related to Human Trafficking, and is pursuing post graduate diploma in International Human Rights Law.